Our Terms & Conditions of Services

  1. Cancellation Policy: A 50% cancellation fee may be charged for cancellations that occur when giving less than 7 days’ notice. When you book your removal with Get Moved UK you are agreeing to this policy. This is at the companies’ discretion. Any deposit that is paid is non-refundable unless the move is cancelled by Get-Moved UK.
  2. The number of vehicles & removal operatives supplied are subject to the job requirements as deemed adequate by Get-Moved UK. We withhold the right to change the number of vehicles and removal operatives that we send to any job. However, the price will not change without prior notice being given unless any of our terms and conditions have not been adhered to. Any price change will always be agreed in advance with the customer.
  3. Get-Moved UK must be able to park within a reasonable distance (20 Yards) from the property in which the job is being carried out from. It is the customer’s responsibility to reserve a suitable parking space for the removal vehicles. If you are unsure how much space to reserve you must contact Get-Moved UK for advice. Extra charges may be applied if we cannot park within this distance.
  4. The customer must make Get-Moved UK aware before booking any removal of any access issues with regards to parking issues, limitations, double yellow lines, narrow roads/lanes or poor road surfaces that are not suitable for the removal vehicles. Refer to condition 3 for parking distance. If we are not made aware of any such issues before booking extra charges may be applied.
  5. You (The customer) are responsible for any parking tickets or charges that Get Moved UK has to pay in order for us to carry out removal services on your behalf.
  6. It is the customer’s responsibility to make Get-Moved UK aware of any access issues. This includes any items of furniture or general property that needs to be moved in or out of a property via a window, doors being removed from hinges, items that need to be lifted over a wall or fence. You must make Get-Moved UK aware of any such issues when obtaining your initial quotation as we reserve the right to refuse to quote any job that we deem to be an insurance risk or a health and safety risk. If we are not made aware of any such issues we reserve the right to refuse to move any item or extra charges may be applied.
  7. All quotes are based on ground/1st floor only unless otherwise specified by the customer prior to quotation. If you are moving to a property, which is above this floor level, you must inform Get- Moved UK prior to booking. Extra charges will be incurred if you do not mention this until move day.
  8. Get-Moved UK will not remove items from a loft/attic or basement unless previously agreed, as a Get-Moved UK member of staff would first need to inspect the said space for health and safety reasons. If you do not state that you need items removed from a loft or basement space prior to booking your removal Get-Moved UK reserves the right to refuse to move such items or extra charges may be applied.
  9. Get-Moved UK calculates all quotes based on the amount of possessions/furniture that the customer requires moving along with other factors such as the distance between addresses and what type of properties both addresses are. If the list of possessions that the customer has supplied is not accurate Get-Moved UK reserves the right to alter the quote accordingly. Again if the list of possessions is different than the list that Get-Moved UK estimator made when visiting the property during the initial quote Get-Moved UK again reserve the right to alter the price accordingly.
  10. Extra items of furniture will be charged at between £2.00-£20.00 dependent on the type/size of the item. Get-Moved UK appreciates that it is extremely difficult to estimate the amount of boxes that you will have. Taking this into account we will normally set a maximum amount that is included within the quote. Additional boxes will then be charged at between £1.00-£5.00 depending on weight and size.
  11. If you choose to self-pack Get-Moved UK expects all loose items to be properly boxed up, general house contents such as, crockery, saucepans, glasses, DVD’s, books & bedding etc. must be securely packed in boxes or bags. Get-Moved UK will not move loose items if they are not boxed or packaged properly. We reserve the right to refuse to move any items that we deem are not adequately packed. If we agree to move any such items extra charges will be applied due to the extra time taken to complete the move.
  12. When self-packing all boxes must be securely sealed with tape (top & bottom). Get-Moved UK will not move boxes that are just folded in and not taped due to insurance and health and safety reasons.
  13. 13) When self-packing all bags must be securely sealed by either zipping the item up or using ties. Get-Moved UK will not move bags that are not securely sealed due to insurance and health and safety reasons.
  14. Get-Moved UK reserves the right to refuse to move any items including boxes and bags if it deems that they are over loaded, insecure or too heavy. You will be required to split the weight of any such items. As a general rule if you think it’s too heavy it probably is, books and heavier items should be placed into small boxes and items like bedding and pillows can be placed into larger boxes.
  15. Washing machines must be un-plumbed and drained and fridge freezers must be defrosted and emptied prior to our arrival. We will not take responsibility for the contents.
  16. Get-Moved UK does not offer a dismantling and reassembly service. In the event it is absolutely essential an item requires dismantling in order to be moved, and if we agree to carry this out, this will be charged at between £20.00 – £50.00 per item. This is done without any liability. We reserve the right to refuse to dismantle or reassemble any item that we deem are either too technical/complicated and any items that have not been previously agreed before booking. If on the day of your move there are any such items it is the customer’s responsibility to arrange for this to be done unless previously agreed. The same rule applies with regards to disconnecting or reconnecting appliances, equipment, fixtures or fittings.
  17. If Get-Moved UK is delayed due to waiting for the customer to dismantle furniture items, remove doors or windows, collect/hand back keys or for any other reason that wasn’t agreed prior to booking you will be charged £35.00 per hour. This is charged in 60-minute intervals. It is the customer’s responsibility to make Get-Moved UK aware of any likely delays. This excludes customers who are simply waiting to complete on the day of completion.
  18. Get-Moved UK does not allow any customers travel as passengers in our vehicles as there may be insurance restrictions. We reserve the right to refuse to let customers travel in the vehicle unless it has been previously agreed.
  19. There is a standard charge of £30 per unit for replacing any packing crate under hire lost or misplaced by yourself.
  20. Other than by reason of our negligence or breach of contract, we will not be liable for delays in transit.
  21. The customer must arrange proper protection for goods left in unoccupied or unattended premises or where other people such as tenants or workmen are or will be present. If you fail to protect your goods we shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from such failure.
  22. If Get- Moved UK dis-connect or re-connect washing machine or dishwasher it is done without any liability. (Refer to condition 17)
  23. You must ensure pets, children (16 years and under) are properly supervised and kept away from removal equipment and working areas.
  24. You must inform all members of family and newly arriving guests of the potential hazards of tripping and falling when floor protectors have been used and must be advised to keep away from removal equipment and working areas.


  1. We reserve the right to sub-contract some or all of the work.
  2. If we sub-contract, then these conditions will still apply.
  3. If we sub-contract your move, we will advise you of this prior to your move.
  4. If we sub-contract, it is your (the customer) responsibility to check for any further conditions from the contractors carrying out your move, as well as the level of insurance cover they will provide.


  1. Our insurance extends to cover legal liability for All Risks of physical loss of or damage to Goods whilst in transit on any vehicle owned or operated by ourselves and whilst loading and unloading in connection with such transit caused by a fortuitous incident but excluding loss of or damage to Goods caused by;
    1. Ordinary loss in weight or volume, ordinary leakage, ordinary wear and tear,  inherent vice or nature of the Goods. 
    2. Breakage of owner packed goods unless caused by a major accident to the means  of conveyance. 
    3. Delay. 
    4. Rust oxidisation or discolouration unless caused by fire, explosion, collision or  overturning of carrying vehicle. 
    5. Willful misconduct of the assured. 
    6. Breakage of glass, marble, china, earthenware or other Goods of a brittle nature  unless caused by fire, explosion, collision, or overturning of carrying vehicle. 
    7. Depreciation, moth, vermin, mildew, sweat, spontaneous combustion, gradual  deterioration, atmospheric or climatic conditions. 
    8. Loss of damage to self-assembly furniture unless dismantled prior to the day of the  removal. 
    9. Any electrical items such as televisions, computers, laptops, tablets, or any items of  this nature must be packed securely in the original boxes and or any other similar box.  Get-Moved UK reserves the right to refuse removal of any such item if we deem the  packing not to be adequate. The items must be checked to be in working order on  delivery. Get-Moved UK will not accept any liability if this is not adhered to. (See  condition 1B, 1M, 1N, 1R) 
    10. In the event of loss or damage to an article forming part of a pair or set, the  indemnity granted shall be limited to the proportionate value that the article bears to  the total value of the pair or set and no additional depreciation shall be paid.
    11. By war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war is declared or  not), civil war, terrorism, rebellion and/or military coup, act of god, industrial action or  other such events outside our reasonable control. 
    12. To any goods left in wardrobes, drawers or any other furniture item or appliances. 
    13. To any goods in boxes, bags, packages, bundles, cases or other containers not both  packed or unpacked by us unless there is evidence of external damage. This must be  noted up on delivery. 
    14. For any electrical, electronic or mechanical derangement to any item, appliance,  instrument, machinery, apparatus, or equipment unless there is evidence of external  impact. This must be noted up on delivery. 
    15. Get-Moved UK does not accept liability for loss or damage to jewellery, watches,  trinkets, precious stones, metals, money, deeds, bonds, securities, stamps of any kind,  manuscripts or any other document. We advise that you carry all valuables with you. 
    16. Get-Moved UK does not accept liability for loss or damage to any alcohol, liquor,  perfumery, tobacco, food items or products, livestock, plants, perishable goods of any  kind, gas or any kind of explosive item. 
    17. Get-Moved UK does not accept any liability for any items whatsoever that are  moved, loaded or unloaded by anyone other than our own employee’s. If you (the  customer) are involved in any form of moving of items/furniture this will void any  insurance cover for the entire move, as if any damage occurs, it will be difficult to  deem which item was moved by Get-Moved UK and by you (the customer). 
    18. Get-Moved UK cannot accept any responsibility/liability for any damage noticed  after our removal team has left the property. You must check all items and raise any  concerns you have before our team finishes the removal.

2) It is a condition precedent to liability under this insurance that Get-Moved UK shall receive a valued inventory in respect of the goods prepared prior to the commencement of transit and signed by the owner of the goods.

3) Any claim made through our insurance company is liable to a £250.00 excess payment by you the customer. The limit to this insurance is £10,000 for goods carried in one vehicle up to a limit of three vehicles with a gross weight of 3.5 tonne or less. We can increase your cover if we receive a written request from you at least 3 working days before the day of your removal requesting that the level of cover be increased.

4) We may choose to repair or replace the damaged item depending on the level of damage. If any item is repaired we are not liable for the depreciation in value.


1) Any claim must be made in writing within 5 days of the removal or delivery concerned.

2) Any claim made after the 5-day period will be refused. Full payment must be made before any claim can be considered.

3) Only written claims will be reviewed.

4) You (the customer) are liable for a £250.00 excess in the event of any claim, as you (the customer) are the ‘insured’.

By accepting the quote you have agreed to these terms and conditions. Get-Moved UK reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice.