Packing Materials

Get-Moved UK can supply a whole range of professional packing materials to make your move easy, protected and safe!

Why struggle with old boxes, plastic bags or shoe boxes when you move?

Get-Moved UK can provide everything you need for a safe removal, including recycled cardboard boxes, tissue paper, linen bags, industrial cling film, labels, mattress and sofa protectors, tapes, bubble wrap and more. Working closely with local suppliers we are able to provide all the moving materials you require, delivered straight to your door.

Do you need a packing station? Get-Moved UK also offers a fully equipped and tooled portable packing station for daily hire.

If you are interested in packing materials just fill out our online booking form and tick the packing materials box or give us a call today! As a green company Get-Moved UK  is committed to recycling it’s cardboard packaging.


Small – 18 x 12 x 12


Ideal for items with weight, small, delicate and fragile items

Medium – 23 x 15 x 16


For items which are not so heavy and larger items, i.e. pots, pans

Large – 18 x 18 x 20


For larger light items, clothes, bedding, curtains

Wardrobe – 50 x 45 x 120   

Hire £7.00
Buy £14.00

Hire £7.00   Buy £14.00

Keeps your clothes tidy and upright. Comes with a metal clothing rail and easy carrying handles

TV – 130 x 25 x 80

Hire £10.00
Buy £15.00

Hire £10.00   Buy £15.00

Fits up to a 52” TV, perfect to keep your precious TV safe and secure

TV Flight Case   

Hire £20.00

Fits up to a 75” TV, extremely durable and padded inside.

Bubble Wrap

25 Metre Roll – 600mm


Our Eco-bubble is fully bio-degradable and is superb quality. Essential for ensuring delicate items are protected when packing

Mattress Covers







Our strong polyurethane bags are water resistant and can be made airtight to protect your mattresses whilst in transit.


Parcel Tape


Buff coloured, water resistant and strong adhesive tape for sealing your boxes

Fragile Tape


Fragile marked tape. water resistant and strong adhesive tape for sealing your boxes and useful for identifying fragile items

Marker Pen


Alcohol based ink, low odour, quick drying marker for clearly marking boxes

Wrapping Paper – 500 Sheets


The best solution when wrapping fragile items, where items could damage or tarnish i.e. fine china, silver or delicate materials

Floor Protector

Per Property – £15.00

Heavy Duty Clear Carpet Protector – Waterproof Self Adhesive Film Roll of Carpet Protector for Carpet Floor & Stair Protection

Vacuum Storage Bags – 40 x 30


Save 80% space, ideal for blankets, duvets, bed sheets, towels and clothes

Starter Kits

1 – 2 Bedroom Kit


Includes 10 small, 5 medium and 5 large boxes along with 25 metres bubble wrap, 2 rolls of tape and a marker pen.

3 – 4 Bedroom Kit


Includes 30 small, 10 medium and 10 large boxes along with 25 metres bubble wrap, 4 rolls of tape, wrapping paper, and a marker pen

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