Finding The Right Bristol Removals Company For Your Move

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If you are moving to or from Bristol and you are not trying to cram your lifelong possessions into the back of small, rented van, then the chances are you are going to be looking to hire the services of a removal company.

Of course, you probably already know this, but now comes the part where you have to find the right company to move you and your possessions from your old house to your new, and with many Bristol removal firms ready to take your booking, finding the right one is not always just a case of picking up the phone and getting the cheapest quote. In fact, going for the first company you find or just basing your whole decision on price is not often a great idea, as cheap does not generally lead to good quality, something to bear in mind when making your final decision.

Here are some simple ways of finding the removals company in Bristol so that you can make your move a happy, successful and stress-free day!

Search Online

Like we do for so many other things, from clothes through to holidays, heading online and running a Google search is so convenient and in most cases, delivers results that are worth looking through. This should just be part one of the journey though, as you want to be contacting 3 or 4 removal firms for quotes and prices to make sure you get the right deal and of course, the right service for your move.

Personal Recommendations

A positive word of mouth recommendation from a friend, colleague or family member is worth its weight in gold, as unless your close circle are not too keen on you, they are generally going to tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear. This is why it’s important to ask your friends and family if they can recommend a Bristol removals company based on experience and history, as with most people moving 7 or 8 times throughout their lifetime, there is an excellent chance that there will be a lot of people ready to pass over some recommendations of who to use and of course, who not to.

Local Advertising

Although your first thought is to probably head online and trust Google, for local based services some of the local advertising, like the free newspapers and directories are still worth a look, as if a company has paid money to advertise then this is a good sign they are worth at least a call. Local pages, free local newspapers and community magazines will often contain information about services and tradespeople in your area, so always try to at least have a quick check to see what you can find.

Estate Agents / Lettings Agents

If you are buying, renting or selling a property, then there is a good chance you will be doing this through an estate agent or a letting agent, so always ask them who they would recommend in the Bristol area. They would have heard all the good, bad and indifferent stories from previous customers and will therefore know the names to choose and the names to avoid, so it is wise to make use of this knowledge and reach out for some solid recommendations.

Review Websites

There are loads of review websites online nowadays where you can read and indeed share your stories of everything from hotels through to restaurants, and this is just the case with removal firms as people can leave their opinions and views and you can then read these and use them as part of your decision. The reasons I say to use them as part of your decision is because you will always get a few people that leave reviews that are not quite accurate, but generally, it should give you a decent insight into the potential firms you wish to use.

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